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For the language loving-writer

Working alongside a great editor is a magnificent journey that gives you a perspective on your work that will change you, your writing, and how you think about writing.

If you’re serious about your craft and you want to produce the highest quality work you can, you’re in the right place.

With my editing, you’ll have masterfully-sequenced words polished to perfection.
Your work will be clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent.

As your editor, I check that you’ve communicated what you want to say exactly as you intended to say it. Whether you’re self-publishing or going straight to a publisher, you must present a manuscript that showcases your work in the brightest light. I’ve designed my book editing services to benefit writers at every stage of their project. I will recommend the edit that’s right for you.

My work has helped many #1 Amazon and international and award-winning bestselling authors.

I felt an instant connection to Natasha when seeking the services of an editor for my book, ‘Align + Attract: Align Your Energy to Create a Business you Actually Love.’ She was professional and warm from the first contact and I instantly accepted her quote and let the magic unfold. Natasha was efficient and thorough at every step and the editing process was completed in a timely fashion. I appreciated Natasha’s guidance as I completed the process of independently publishing my book and she was an enthusiastic cheerleader as my book started to hit lots of number 1 Amazon spots while still on pre-release! I am all about alignment, and working with Natasha was a beautifully aligned experience.

Kerry Rowett, bestselling author of Align + Attract: Align Your Energy to Create A Business You Actually Love

Your book begins here…

Your book will go through developmental editing, copyediting and proofreading, a powerful combination to fully prepare it for publishing.

We’ll start with developmental editing which looks at your whole book on the most zoomed-out end. Next, every sentence of your book will be edited. The final stage is proofreading. I look at the manuscript on a word-by-word level and every punctuation mark to remove any final errors. Track changes in Word are used so you can clearly see the changes and accept, reject, or revise them.

It is an honour when an author entrusts me with her book. When I send the finished product back, I can ensure you will be delighted with how it has grown while in my care. Working with me is like having your very own personal editor-on-call, and author support lady for your writing life.

With qualifications and a flawless mastery of the English language, I know how to weave gold into words to bring refinement to any book. When we work together, you will feel the pops and surges of your new author life humming into play.

Don’t hold yourself back –

you are a writer!

The formula

Hello Writer! Where guidance is leading you

We begin with an initial assessment of your manuscript and a personalised plan to destination “new you author life”. We’ll talk through your piece of writing, what it’s about, who it’s for, and how you’re going to publish it.

Preparing for our journey

Once we’ve discussed your project and understand your publishing plan, we’ll set solid foundations by creating a timeline. I’ll send you a proposal, and my standard terms & conditions.

The adventure begins

The first review. Manuscript arrives in my inbox (or via Dropbox). I ensure your writing style is prevalent from the beginning to end. The aim is to smooth your writing. I’ll work my editing magic and send you a polished first draft for review (with editorial mark-up’s and comments). If needed, I make suggestions for improvements to your bravura.

We have arrived

It’s time for your very first glimpse! Here is your opportunity to make revisions after the edited copy is returned. With your feedback, we’ll finalise the manuscript, til we both agree it’s perfect. I’ll proofread and ensure you’re equipped with the right files to publish your book. It’s time to get excited!

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Personalised publishing plan.
1) You will be ready to self-publish.
2) I will publish your book for you.
3) I write your author bio, synopsis or cover blurb.

Plus, I’ll even submit your bundle to traditional publishers. I have strong connections with agents and publishers!

You won’t be left alone to flounder through this new literary world, and you’ll benefit from my experience and publishing connections.

This is a space where writers bloom.

I’ll be there for you every step of the way, offering editorial guidance. I want you to write the best book you can, and will give you the tools and support you need to do it. I offer more than just editing, I’m your publishing guide! In my care, you will arrive quickly to the day you hold your book. Our collaboration will be as unique as your manuscript.

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Natasha brings her whole self to her work. Working with Natasha in the editing and publication of my first book has been full of ease, grace and so much joy. She has held me in a way I could never have expected. Far from being a transactional process, Natasha walked me through the editing process with a strong guiding hand, that came from an innate wisdom of what both my book and I needed, as well as her professionalism and expertise in the literary field. I am forever grateful for Natasha’s commitment to refining the message within my book, yet more importantly, for her unyielding support and guidance as I birth my first book into the world.

Bernadette O’Connor, international bestselling author of Let’s Go Home and Beneath The Veil


Book editing is an investment you make in yourself to complete your book, and create the life you truly want.

If you have finally (sigh!) typed your last word and are ready for editing, you can email me here.

And, if you are not finished your first draft? Not a problem. It’s best if you’re well into it though. I can work on the earlier chapters while you prep the later ones.



Editing services are available to both trade publishing and private clients. The cost of an edit depends on the length of the manuscript, and what is required to bring it up to industry standards.


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As an industry professional with years of experience acquiring, editing and publishing bestselling fiction and non-fiction in the print and digital markets, I take a select number of authors, offering an affordable, customised collaboration package, depending on your needs. I don’t believe authors should have to go it alone.

If you’re ready to leap into the publishing thing but feel you need some experienced guidance, I would love to help.

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Without Natasha, it’s highly likely that my book would still be sloshing around in the archives of my mind. She kept me focussed, supported, guided and accountable all whilst giving me the freedom and space to do it my way. Natasha makes the impossible, possible, the unthinkable achievable and I wouldn’t be published without her. I will forever be grateful to her soulful way of seeing in me what I’d always hoped was there.

Katie Dean, bestselling author of Becoming Brave

I met Natasha at a challenging time on my writer’s journey. I was on the brink of despair. Self-doubt had crept in about my ability to complete my manuscript, let alone publish a book. From day one of working with Natasha, I felt encouraged, nurtured and supported. But mostly she was able to remove the negativity that surrounded me and instilled a self-belief in my ability to write. Within a few weeks, she had gathered my writing and developed it into the book I had visualised for the past 10 years. It was a turning point for me, that moment when I realised that yes, finally I am a writer. I cannot recommend Natasha highly enough. I feel incredibly fortunate that our paths crossed at the right time for me. She is so much more than an editor/writer/coach, she is the leader that every writer needs on their journey.

Natasha has exceeded my expectation of the work of an editor. She nurtured my progress with a deep sensitivity, especially with my precious personal information. Natasha offers a haven of security, support and constant encouragement that my story matters. Her gift is in caring about a story.

Beryl Crosher-Segers, bestselling international author of A Darker Shade of Pale: a memoir of apartheid South Africa

I am thrilled to recommend Natasha Gilmour as an editor who did a fantastic job with my book and offered lots of encouragement and support throughout the process, it was an absolute pleasure to work with her!

Lisa Gallate, author of Hitting My Reset: A Memoir on Grief and How to Make it Fit Your Life