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We believe books should be beautiful.


 Tell stories. Speak to you.


And that’s what we create.


At the kind press we publish books that we truly believe in. Our authors are original thinkers who engender positivity, laughter, love, hope, discovery, inspiration and transformation. 

About the kind press

We launched the kind press to be an innovative publishing platform and collaborative way to publish for authors looking for a solution between traditional and self-publishing. We embrace new ways of presenting ideas, creative design, and publishing beautiful books. We think it is time authors of all kinds had a helping hand and greater control over how their precious work gets out into the world. 

Obviously, we love books!
All kinds of books.

However, our team has an immense love for kind books.

the kind press is unique in the world of publishing offering a much-needed alternative in a rapidly changing publishing landscape. You, the author, invest in your project up front, but you retain 95% of the net profits on your books. Unlike self-publishing platforms that publish whatever comes through regardless of quality, we only publish manuscripts that we deem to be publish-ready, based purely on the merit of the writing. When you submit your work, we assess your manuscript and place you in one of three tracks. Track 1 is for those authors who are ready for publication. You will proceed directly into the production process. Track 2 is for those authors whose manuscript requires something heavier than a proofread. Track 3 means we’re in the position of turning some projects away. Unlike traditional publishing houses, which buy the majority stake in your book but often don’t deliver when it comes to providing the editorial and marketing help you need, we give authors a traditional house experience, complete with distribution and an experienced editorial and production team, while allowing you to retain full ownership of your project.

Our Founder

Our founder, Natasha Gilmour, originally set up the kind press to publish her editorial clients’ work. But as soon as the word was out, she was inundated with a rush of new and previously published authors.

Each of these authors came to the kind press for different reasons. Some had outed from traditional publishing houses. Others had tried self-publishing and found it a very difficult journey. Some authors didn’t know how on earth to even get a book into print.

It was obvious to Natasha that there was room in the industry for a more personalised and kinder approach to publishing.

That’s why the kind press is very selective in what it acquires, and works with great diligence to publish each book to its maximum potential. We select our titles with care. We’d rather publish fewer books than release anything we don’t care deeply about. Together, we will publish your book, to look good on a bookshelf and to be purchased from anywhere in the world—yes, in bookstores, too.

With our publishing team, you could be a published author in a matter of months. We will proofread your book before we begin the design process. We create a typographical style that suits your book’s style. When we finalise your book’s files, you’ll know that it’s publishable perfect.

The best part of all this?

Unlike traditional publishing, you direct the look and feel of your book, and in the end, you keep 95% of the profits from your book sales.

We manage publishing your book to Amazon Kindle as an eBook, Amazon as a paperback, and as a hardback. Readers anywhere in the world can buy all three versions of your book. Libraries or bookstores will also be able to order and stock your book on their shelves.

If you’re a writer, who wants to invest in your work, wherever you are on your journey, the kind press would love to help. Our team will be there every step of the way, guiding you to quickly reach that end point, where you will be marketing the heck out of your proud book.

the kind press gives authors a traditional house experience, while allowing you to retain full ownership of your project.

The services include:


Once our editorial team have given the green-light, all authors will have their final manuscript proofread before going to layout.


Your manuscript will be laid out into a beautiful custom design by one of our designers. Our typesetting service is a stand-out with a portfolio of titles such as, “First We Make the Beast Beautiful” by Sarah Wilson, “Work Strife Balance” by Mia Freedman and “The PM Years” by Kevin Rudd.

Print & Digital.

An ebook version, available worldwide and releasing an international print version. Available through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and other online sellers.


Book distributor catalogue listing through our national Australian distributor. 


Copyright filing and obtaining your Library of Congress control number.

The Details

Your book will be edited and published to Industry Trade Standards.

This means that there will be no physical difference between your title and that produced by a major publishing house. Your book will be assigned an ISBN and barcode; will have a CiP (Cataloguing-in-Publication) record; it will be lodged as legal deposit in State and National libraries; made available to libraries around Australia through our distributor; can be registered for the lending rights scheme (PLR and ELR) and be available worldwide, if required.

Submitting to the kind press

We happily accept fiction and nonfiction. It is our mission to cultivate creative diversity within our press and within our community.

Please note that at this time we are not accepting children’s books, or young adult books. In order to begin the publication process you will need:

A completed manuscript word document to be sent by email to editor@natashagilmour.com.

A 300 word synopsis of your book.
50 words (approx.) about you as an author.
If you feel comfortable disclosing; we would love to know how you heard about us?

Once your manuscript has been received and assessed for publishing suitability our editors will be in contact to discuss the next stage of our publishing process within 1-2 weeks.

*submissions can be sent to: editor@natashagilmour.com






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