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Our goal is to deliver books that are inspiring and clever. We care about our authors and dedicate our time and vision to nurture them.


About the kind press

the kind press authors contribute to the light and love that circles our beautiful planet. We’re looking for those who are writing in untried or blended genres that connect readers to their passions and guide them toward living richer, more meaningful lives. Our select categories of interest are spirituality, self-help, social justice, personal growth, narrative nonfiction, health and wellbeing, and select illustrated titles. We support authors with underrepresented voices that will expand our thinking within these categories.

the kind press embraces new ways of presenting ideas, creative design, and publishing beautiful books. We work with great diligence to publish each book to its maximum potential. We select our titles with care. And collaboratively, we will publish your book, to look good on a bookshelf and to be purchased from anywhere in the world—yes, in bookstores, too.

We aim to make beautiful books that inspire readers and enrich communities by expanding the definition of what literature is and what it can do. 

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the kind press offers a much-needed alternative in the modern-day publishing landscape. Unlike self-publishing platforms that publish whatever comes through regardless of quality, we only publish books that we feel are a fit for our beautiful press and that we deem to be publish-ready. When you submit your work to the kind press, we assess your work and reply within a week. the kind press gives authors a traditional house experience, complete with distribution and an experienced production team, while allowing you to retain full ownership of your project and earnings.

Here at the kind press we offer one all-inclusive publishing package.

Your Publishing Package Includes:

➤ Bespoke cover design to capture your readers attention on a bookshelf

➤ Creative interior design for up to 100,000 words, bringing your words to life

➤ Professional edit of your back cover and author bio

➤ Social media promotional pack to help you promote your book come launch-time!

➤ Distribution to trade, ready bookstore sales

➤ e-Book file conversion and upload, so your readers can take your words with them on their favourite digital device

➤ Copyright filing and legal deposit with National Library of Australia (according to Australian publication requirements)


➤ Title metadata creation and management

➤ Provision of copy deck, inclusive of SEO keywords research and metadata for your book

➤ Ongoing management of your title

➤ High-level support for getting your books into bookstores, libraries and other trade outlets

How it works

the kind press offers authors much-needed alternative to a traditional house experience, while allowing you to retain full ownership of your project.

Our service includes:


The book production process officially starts when you have submitted the final, edited manuscript. We review the manuscript for grammar, spelling, and consistency.
Anything that isn’t clear in the text we will question the author. Once the green light is given, we convert the manuscript into a design-ready file. Your book is officially now “in production” and the page layout and design process begins.


We begin the cover design process as soon as you sign your contract with the kind press, and your design-ready file goes to layout once you’ve approved your final cover design.
Our Art Director, Elle Lynn, heads up the creative team in production. We create beautiful cover designs and we consult and direct this process in a collaborative way to make sure we’re giving your book its best chance to stand out in the marketplace (and on the bookshelves!). We will make sure your interior pages are as stunning as the cover it rests between. As part of the package, we do full file preparation for your e-book. Once the interior of the book is finalised (or earlier), you will supply us with back cover content to edit. the kind press package includes an edit of your back cover and author bio, and we provide you with a copy deck inclusive of SEO keyword researches and meta data for your book.

Print & Distribution.

Once both the cover and interior files are approved and to your liking, we order a paperback proof copy of the book which you will receive within 5 days. Where it’s needed, we offer marketing support, as well as leads to potential endorsers. Once you have received your proof copy of the book and approved, your book will be uploaded and made ready and available for POD (print-on-demand), and ready to go to the printer.

Marketing & Book Launch.

It’s time for your book to make it out into the world and into the hands of your readers. Some authors are comfortable navigating this stage on their own, sharing their book with their existing community and media connections. Other authors opt for a more done-for-them approach, so they can focus on the fun stuff – like celebrating the launch of their work!

For those authors who would love a helping hand when it comes to sharing and promoting their book, we’ve created a number of bespoke marketing packages, catered exactly to what the author needs. You can check them out below and chat to the kind press team throughout your production process to make sure your book launch is the best it can possibly be.


The Details

Your book will be published to Industry Trade Standards.

This means that there will be no physical difference between your title and that produced by a major publishing house. Your book will be assigned an ISBN and barcode; will have a CiP (Cataloguing-in-Publication) record; it will be lodged as legal deposit in State and National libraries; made available to libraries around Australia through our distributor; can be registered for the lending rights scheme (PLR and ELR) and be available worldwide, if required.

Submitting to the kind press

We happily accept fiction and nonfiction. It is our mission to cultivate creative diversity within our press and within our community.

Please note that at this time we are not accepting children’s books, or young adult books. In order to begin the publication process you will need: A completed manuscript word document. A 300 word synopsis of your book. 50 words (approx.) about you as an author.

Once your manuscript has been received and assessed for publishing suitability, we will reply within a week.

How do I make a submission? 

The Investment.

the kind press Publishing Package is our all-inclusive offering, determined on the specific requirements of your submitted manuscript.


The Team.

If you’re looking for a publishing team that’s committed to creating the vision that you have for your book, we would be excited to partner with you in publishing your book.

The Process.

We ask for a submission, so that we can make sure our team is a perfect fit for your publishing journey.

Once your submission and manuscript has been received and assessed for publishing suitability we’ll be in contact within a week.

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